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Regarding Living In Hollywood

The Hollywood Sign is Cool

The Hollywood sign is undoubtedly one of the most important staples in LA, and why shouldn’t it be. It’s a glorified billboard and you can’t view it through the smog half the time. The Hollywood sign is actually amazing up until the very first time your car breaks down and the second time you break up with your actress partner. Long story short, the nostalgia of the Hollywood sign wears off when the reality of exactly what lies beneath, not the dreams it embodies, hits you square in the face.

What Type of Automobile You Drive is Vital

If by “vital” you really mean overblown, then absolutely. A vehicle in Los Angeles is not truly an automobile, it is an ensemble. You are going to spend so much time sitting in traffic gazing at other’s automobiles, it is a glorified fashion show regardless of where you are. If you are new to Los Angeles, what kind of automobile you drive is about as essential as rehearsing your Oscar speech or apartment hunting on Ocean Avenue. In case you happen to be all set for life in Hollywood, you’re going to concentrate on more valuable things, like rent, food, as well as LED TV.